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This section contains many valuable links to excellent Open Source and Free software. Look trough this list carefully before you go out and purchase expensive software that you could have gotten for free. If you are a photographer or a person interested in image manipulation this page is bound to contain links to excellent software that you will love.


The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is extremely powerful photo and image editor which supports a very large number of file formats. The GIMP is open source and in my opinion the best free image editor available. In fact the GIMP is so advanced that it is a great free alternative to Adobe Photo-shop. But like Photo-shop the GIMP has a somewhat large learning curve which is well worth it it you are serious about image manipulation. Visit to download and start using the GIMP.


UFRaw is Free Program under the GNU General Public License. UFRaw allows you to open and manipulate Raw footage in 16 bit color depth. UFRaw supports Raw files shot by most Cameras. It can be used as a stand alone Raw developer, or as an excellent way to prepare Raw files before importing them in to GIMP for further editing.

Raw Therapee

Raw Therapee is free and open source software. It is an excellent program for processing camera raw files. If you have camera Raw footage without the software to view or process it Raw Therapee is exactly what you are looking for. Raw Therapee supports most DSLR and even some medium format Raw files. This program has a large selection of high quality editing tools.


Hugin is a Open source software program used for Panorama stitches free to use modify and share. Hugin offers various types of projection. Mercator, cylindrical, stereographic, sinusoidal and equirectangular ideal for spherical maps. Huggins also offers various tool for correcting Images that where shot in a less than optimal way for panorama stitching.

Image Composite Editor (ICE) by Microsoft

ICE is a superb panorama maker developed by Microsoft. But even better is the fact that Microsoft is giving this superb piece of software away for free. Ice is easy to use and yields excellent results.

Luminance HDR

Luminance HDR sometimes called qtpfsgui is a excellent open source graphical user interface application that lets you produce high quality HDR Images. Luminance HDR allows you to create Images from multiple photos of various exposure. But you can also load single Raw files. Or create Pseudo HDR images from a single image. The software has several algorithms to chose from allowing the creation of Realistic looking exposure blends to surreal and fantastical HDR images.


Irfanview is a free universal image viewer which is capable of mach more than just view images. It can perform many tasks including image conversion, batch processing, scan & print, creating slideshows and by downloading the "Plugins/AddOns" irfanview can also view several Raw and camera files.


XnView is free multimedia viewer, converter and organizer. XnView is capable of editing and viewing Images. An efficient tool great for batch processing and managing Photos.

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